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Salt For Salt

The Don
As a wise man once said, “The band that plays together…mostly just messes about.” That can certainly be said about The Don’t Tell Darlings. They formed a band, they disbanded, and then they got back together for a weekend in September because they missed each other so much over the summer that they just couldn’t stand it. They rented a house on the Virginia coast and there they took long walks on the beach, played pregnant pirate mini-golf, ate coconut cake for breakfast, put away some fine malt whiskey, learned how to do kung fu high-kicks, and “laid down a few tracks.” This album is an accidental but delicious product of that weekend, including savory tracks they just couldn’t fit on Sugar for Sugar or hadn’t written or learned yet by then but didn’t want to lose when the band scattered to the four corners. Opening and closing with a couple Miss Millie originals, it includes the usual mix of the long-loved and the never-heard-before, from old-time to gospel to jugband swing, with visits to Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn in between. Sometimes it’s sugar for sugar, honeybabe, and sometimes it’s salt for salt…


Camilla Ammirati: Vocals, Banjo, High Kicks
Megan Rose Orwig: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Belly Laughs
Lew Burrus: Bass, Ground Control
Liam "Old Man" Kelly: Fiddle, Resonator Guitar, Additional High Kicks


"Never Saw Nothin", "Guess That's Why": Camilla Ammirati
"I Was There When It Happened": R.D. Jones, PEERMUSIC LTD.
"Every Humble Knee Surely Must Bow", "Hop High": Traditional
"Fifty Miles of Elbow Room": A.P. Carter, PEER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
"She's a Rounder": G. Harbert
"Honky Tonk Girl": Loretta Lynn, SURE - FIRE MUSIC COMPANY
"I've Endured": Ola and David Reed, MIDSTREAM MUSIC

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Liam P Kelly
Photo by Liam P Kelly

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“Sugar for Sugar” reviewed on Red Eyed Rooster

Red Eyed Rooster writer Laura Hauptman writes a glowing review of our new CD, "Sugar for Sugar".  Quite frankly, it gets our eyes all misty just reading it.  Thanks to all our fans and supporters; when we hear you say things like this about us, it makes us extremely proud and grateful to make music for you.

Read this gorgeously-written review of the album here. Oh, and subscribe to Red Eyed Rooster's email list for everything in Americana news.

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“Sugar for Sugar” Release date: September 23, 2011

Pack it, slap it, ship it, wrap it up!

Sugar for Sugar pre-sold like hotcakes on Kickstarter, and its off to the presses!  Itchin' to get yer mitts on a copy? Join us on September 23rd, 8pm at the Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville, VA for our CD Release Party! Music, a signature cocktail, and of course, Sugar for Sugar to take home. If you're not lucky enough to live nearby, you can pre-order still by going to our Kickstarter page (early bird discount!) or order from CD Baby starting September 23rd.  We can't wait for you all to hear these tracks.

Also: we'll be doing CD release concerts all along the East Coast for the coming months, so keep your eyes on our "Shows" page here on the website, or as ever, follow us on Facebook.  We can't wait to see you all on September 23rd at the Blue Moon Diner!

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Kickstarter CD Pre-Order

Sugar for Sugar, the new forthcoming album from The Don't Tell Darlings, is now available for pre-order!  To get your copy, visit our Kickstarter page, chip in ten bucks to help us meet the rest of the production costs, and we'll ship a fresh, hot CD to you the moment we have them in our darling little hands.

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New Web Content

This lady is almost ready to go live. Old Man Kellly needs to wave his magic wand and make it look awful pretty, but the website will soon be up and running. Catch us this Friday, July 29 at the Charlottesville Pavilion at Fridays After Five, or check out other upcoming appearances. See you at a ruckus real soon!

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